Progressive Positive Concept Training

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What my clients are saying...

testimonial image of a search and rescue dog
Sacha, Search and Rescue Dog
German Shepard
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“Chaun exemplified what a good “dog trainer” truly is. She trained me, the human, to be what my dog needed.”
Gwen M. photo of a dog that Chaun trained as a search and rescue dog

testimonial image of chaun and a certified therapy dog
Molly, Therapy Dog
Golden Retriever

“I have known Chaun Gause since the week before I picked up Molly, back in April of 2014. She is so good with the dogs! Molly just loves her and listens to her. With the help of a fantastic dog whisperer, Molly has been serving as a Therapy Dog for almost 4 years. I think Chaun is able to train any breed and any type of dog personality. ”
Carol C. photo of a dog that Chaun trained as a therapy dog

testimonial image of a search and rescue dog

“My name is Delinda, I took my puppy Rocky to train with Chaun. She is truly a dog whisperer. My dog Rocky went to classes with Chaun for 2 years. Rocky has his Canine Good Citizen, thanks to her expert training. I believe that Chaun has a gift for all dogs. Watching her with any situation that came up, she always had an answer. I loved learning from her. She will be greatly missed in our area. She is the only person I trust with my dog.”
Delinda R. photo of a Rottweiler Chaun trained

testimonial image of service dog
Saint Bernard

“We were referred to Chaun when our puppy was just 9 weeks old and I’m so thankful we called her right away. We asked when we should start training? Her response was “we should have started 3 weeks ago”. We were looking for a dog trainer that was experienced in training service and emotional support dogs, as our son has High-Function Autism. I was so impressed with her ability to train dogs as well as the owners (me). We anticipated Mars being a big help with our son with service dog skills he needed. In addition, what has impressed me was how much Mars has been an emotional support dog for myself. When a stressful situation arises, Mars will always run to me and nudge and sit on my feet. It blows me away on how he can sense situations that he is needed. I’m so thankful to Chaun as her Positive Enforcement Training Methods have built a bond between us and Mars that I didn’t know was possible. ”
Suzi S. Photo of Mars, the saint Bernard Chaun trained to be a emotional support dog.